#88: The plan is to fan this spark into a flame // Part One

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Lin-Manuel Miranda came over to my apartment and we had so much fun that I have FIVE episodes for you! Welcome to #Lintoberfest, with my husband Michael Paul Smith joining me for these episodes. In Part One, I try to get over the fact that Lin is recording in my living room – spoiler! I don’t! – But regardless, we tell the story of how Lin ended up on the podcast, details of the early days of Hamilton, why Lin is a Hamilton/Burr hybrid, and quote The West Wing a LOT. We also eat popcorn and drink the Spark Into a Flame cocktail, made especially for Lin and inspired by his Inwood, NYC roots. Stay tuned for four more episodes: two more with Lin and then the Lin B-Sides which will be outtakes, non-sequiturs, and commentary by me and Mike (you know Mike). And no, I’m still not over the fact that this happened! No chill whatsoever!

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