Chernow Outlines

Hello friends!


Below you’ll find our chapter-by-chapter notes and outlines on Ron Chernow’s “Alexander Hamilton.” We can’t cover everything on the podcast and we wanted to provide a resource to those of you who are curious about topics we may not have discussed on the show. Until recently, we had no intention of publishing these outlines but what kind of Hamilton podcast would we be if we didn’t provide you with pages and pages and pages of information mixed with opinion? Exactly.


One more thing…!


These notes are completely unedited; we didn’t go back and fix anything, so please excuse any and all bad grammar/spelling/syntax/jokes. They were created with the sole purpose of writing our thoughts down in a way that is funny and conversational, with the hopes of telling you about it in a… well, yeah… funny and conversational way on the podcast.


Unfortunately, we are missing the outlines for Chapters 4 and 5 (The Pen and the Sword and The Little Lion). We know there’s no replacing what we’ve lost and we’re so sorry, but we can’t find them anywhere! We’ve been searching and scanning our computers but they’ve erased themselves from the narrative and it’s a complete mystery to us. Hopefully the other outlines will be enough.


Okay fine, that was more than just one thing but again: what kind of Hamilton podcast would we be if we didn’t make a few more points?


We hope you enjoy the notes and we’ll see you on the other side of the pod…
G.Pen & B.So