Episode #85: Hear ye, hear ye! I present #SeaburysFreeThoughts!

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Hear ye, hear ye! His name is Thayne Jasperson and he originated the role of Samuel Seabury in Hamilton! Yep, you read that right; Thayne. Jasperson. is on. the podcast. And the word of the day is FERVOR. Get ready for a full hour of #SeaburysFreeThoughts. Thayne really is as kind, energetic, and hilarious as he seems. In this super rapid fire and fun episode, we are all over the place and it is the best ever. Thayne talks about the details he added to Samuel Seabury before Hamilton moved to Broadway (plus changes that have since been cut from the show), his love of King George III, how he messes with his fellow cast members on stage, why his faith is so important to him, and explains his cookie addiction. We also talk a lot about ghosts, nudity (are you okay? take a few deep breaths!), and Thayne breaks out more than a few accents. 

Watch Thayne’s #FreeSpeech video.