Episode #82: Ask anybody why we livin’ fast and we laugh, reach for a flask, we have to make this moment last…

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Raise a glass, friends! Welcome to another Emergency Podcast System. This week, Mike (you know Mike) and our friend and history enthusiast Ted O’Gorman help me recap August 12th’s #HamiltonHappyHour, which was Ted’s introduction to Hamilton and the Hamilton community. In case you missed it, Patrick Hinds of the Theater People Podcast, Broadway Backstory, and True Crime Obsessed hopped behind the bar with me and we hosted the #HamFam and sang the entire Hamilton cast album in New York City, the greatest city in the world. We had the best time and raised a ton of money for charity. It was also a much needed night of love, support, and community after the country endured what Mike described as a “James Reynolds kinda week.”

After the Happy Hour, Ted went home and re-listened to the entire album so we also talk about his first impressions of Hamilton (spoiler: he loved it) and get super nerdy about history pop culture with things like 1776 and The West Wing.

PS: The #HamiltonHappyHour is now a thing and Patrick and I are going to do it again. Stay tuned for details!