Episode #64: I’m passionately smashin’ every expectation // Part Two

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The kiki continues, y’all! Javier Muñoz is still hanging out and we’re joined by listener favorite Ashley Graffeo! This week we’re getting into Javi’s activism, how he deals with haters and trolls on Twitter, and we rewiiiind to the beauty of Javi’s Cafecito! From the days of the Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton! And yes, we still reference *NSYNC and Destiny’s Child and take even more questions from our Patreon Supporters! It’s fun.

PS: For reference, here is the question Ashley’s student asked Javi: “I just want to say that I really enjoyed your performance of Hamilton, which I was lucky enough to see, and my question is: so many roles on Broadway are dedicated to people who don’t look like us, so… did you always want to be on Broadway and did you ever imagine yourself playing a role like this?”